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Yes…of course Tony Horton buys Shakeology. Check out his video below to see why…

But first, I want to cover the one questions I am constantly asked about purchasing Shakeology: “Can I try Shakeology, before I buy Shakeology?” And the answer is, “Yes, I will be more than happy to mail you a Shakeology sample to try.”


Beachbody will let you try an entire bag of Shakeology risk free for 30 days. (Actually it might cost you a dollar to ship the empty bag back, but even the $10 or more it will cost the company to ship “the full bag” to you…is free!)

Here are the reason I personally think it makes more sense to take advantage of Beachbody’s “No Questions Asked, Bottom of the Bag, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (with FREE Shipping)” offer:

– Reason 1: When you order Shakeology on Home Direct, shipping is FREE which not only instantly saves you $10-12, but it ensures that you REALLY have nothing to lose. (Especially since you can easily cancel the auto-ships at anytime by calling 1-800-470-7870.) ALWAYS BUY SHAKEOLOGY ON HOME DIRECT…the $10-$15 savings every month is well worth a 5 minute phone call. Plus, there are several other discounts that allow you to buy Shakeology at the best price.

– Reason 2: Some people think they will prefer Chocolate Shakeology, but end up loving Tropical Shakeology, and vice-versa. So, if you order the individual serving packets of Shakeology on home direct, you can try two different flavors risk free for 30 days.

– Reason 3: Everyone I know, likes to prepare their Shakeology differently. But if you only have one sample…you can only try Shakeology one way. But, if you have an entire bag or 24 packets, you will be able to try it MANY different ways. I’m not just talking about “recipes” either…if you are like me, and prefer things “quick and easy”, you may just want to use the Free Shakeology Shaker Cup instead of a blender. But even then, I recommend you try “shaking” it with several different “mixes”, such as: cold water, soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, juices, etc. until you find the “taste” that you like best. (And, you HAVE to try the “No-bake Shakeology Cookies” they are like a candy bar – seriously good, but seriously healthy!)

– Reason 4: Even if for some reason you don’t absolutely love the taste of Shakeology, once you experience how great you feel and look (as well as, the pure natural energy Shakeology gives you every day) you will drink it forever! Even if it is just in order to give your body 70 of the most amazing super foods in the world. As a mom, I can’t tell you how it makes me feel to watch my kids drink Shakeology : )

Why P90X’s Tony Horton Loves Shakeology:

If you have any questions,
about trying Shakeology or buying Shakeology
…please let me know!



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