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Lately we have been seeing a lot of information about people doing a 90 Challenge through a company call Visalus Sciences.   We decided to do some research on it, and unfortunately our findings were not good. Not only is Body by Vi a Soy based product, but it contains several other questionable ingredients, and un-favorable nutrition values.

Here are just a few quotes from, third-party (un-biased), Body by Vi Reviews…

– “I would even go as far to say some products could be bad for you (even short term of only 90 days) and have a long term negative effect on your health.”

– “…to me, after years of quality research, soy is a dangerous, low quality protein source.”

– “That’s why tactics like these have helped crazy diet schemes strike it rich seemingly out of nowhere overnight preying on the innocent. The latest of these is the “Body By Vi” program from Visalus Sciences.”

Read Resource Article #1Read Resource Article #2

If you have friends or family members who are drinking this product, please encourage them to read these two articles carefully before continuing to do so. I am a huge proponent of home businesses, and believe that we should do a majority of our buying from people we know, but the product has to be of the highest quality if we are going to earn a commission on recommending it to people we know and love.

The one thing about the articles that did make me feel good, was that on every point (in both of them) when they were concerned about an aspect of Body by Vi’s ingredients, they would give a much better option AND every time it was exactly what Shakeology contained!

If Your Goal is to Just Lose Weight…

There are many inexpensive, high protein foods that will work just as well, if not better than Body by Vi, or any Soy based weight loss product. Plus, they usually have additional “positive” side effects – Quinoa is one of the absolute best!

If Your Goal is to Lose Weight & Give Your Body an Incredible Variety of Super foods…

Than of course purchasing Shakeology is by far the cheapest and most efficient option.

Once people realize how many super foods are in Shakeology (from all across the world) they can’t believe how good it tastes, and how inexpensive it is to make sure they and their family members get these foods into their body every single day.

Plus… We will give you a Free Shaker Cup with your first order when you buy Shakeology on monthly autoship.

This Video Seriously has Me Considering
Buying Enough Shakeology for 2 Meals a Day!

(Even if it isn’t a conspiracy, the facts remain…we really are slowly killing ourselves and our families.)


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