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How to Buy Shakeology to Receive a FREE Shaker Cup

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Is your life busy?

If so…then whether you purchase Shakeology by itself, or in a Challenge Pack, it’s highly recommend you have a FREE Premium Shakeology Shaker Cup!

I will Mail You One FOR FREE!

(Sorry, but due to “Customs” this free Shaker Cup offer is only valid for USA residents.)

Step 1…

 Read the Instructions Below & Then Use 1 of these Links

 Purchase Shakeology On Autoship with FREE Shipping
 Buy Shakeology in a Beachbody Challenge Pack with FREE Shipping

Your “Order Type” MUST be Monthly Autoship:

Choose any Flavor & Serving Size, but you must choose Monthly Autoship as your “Order Type.”
(You can cancel at anytime by calling 1-800-470-7870, so take the FREE Shaker Cup & Shipping!)


If you DO NOT have a Beachbody account:

–  When purchasing Shakeology only:  It MUST say “Yes, I want Do This Today, LLC to be my Coach” or “our at the very bottom of the page that opens after you click “Checkout.”

–  When purchasing a Challenge Pack:   It MUST say, “Our records show
your Coach will be Holly Blochowitz” on the Checkout page.


If you ALREADY have an account with Beachbody…

But I am NOT already your Coach:

Send an email 1 day BEFORE ordering to:
Message: Hello, can you please change my Coach to: Holly Blochowitz, 13217
Subject Line: Coach Change

If I am already your Coach, simply sign-in and purchase!

Step 2…

Send me an email (with the information listed below) to:

– Your Name
– Your Shakeology Order #
– Your Complete Mailing Address


Once I verify your Shakeology purchase…
I will mail you a FREE Premium Shakeology Shaker Cup!


If you have any questions about Shakeology, please let me know!



when You Buy Shakeology Here


An Easy, Safe, & VERY Healthy Way to Lose Up to 10 Pounds in 3 Days

This simple cleanse allows your body to shed excess fat, while absorbing more than 70 superfoods, and building muscle from the high quality lean protein in Shakeology.

But More Importantly…

If you don’t clean/change your furnace filter in your home, or your oil filter in your car, AT LEAST once a year, what would happen? Your furnace and car would not work as well as they are suppose to, and eventually they would die. Right? Well the same is true for your body. Your liver, kidneys, colon, and even your skin are filters. And if you don’t clean them out once a year (or more)…well you get the picture : )

Review the outline below, as well as, the video (above)
by P90X’s Tony Horton on why he recommends Shakeology so highly…

Buy Shakeology for a 3 Day Cleanse

For a Free Premium Shaker Cup…
Purchase Shakeology Here


the benefits of buying shakeology for a 3 day cleaseIf you plan on starting a fitness regiment or even just eating better in 2013, it is very important that you first cleanse your body of everything that will prohibit it from receiving the most benefit from your new lifestyle.

It is vital that your body is ready (and able) to reap the rewards of your effort! And for this reason, Beachbody has two great “Cleanse” options…


1. Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse

– Drink Shakeology 3 times a day with a healthy dinner for 3 days.

– The regular (not vegan) Chocolate Shakeology has a new and improved taste with a drastically improved flavor and aroma – without compromising any of the 70 ingredients or new Superfoods. There’s still less sugar and more fiber. And it’s still, by a thousand miles, the Healthiest Meal of the Day.

2: The Ultimate Reset

– 21 day clean eating program that completely resets your metabolism and digestive system, and removes all toxins for optimal weight loss.

Watch success story videos

Purchase Shakeology or an Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack Here to Receive a Free Premium Shakeology Shaker Cup

Please let me know if you have any questions!


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