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Buy Beachbody Ultimate Reset And so it begins…my journey with Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset. I am not actually starting the regiment until tomorrow, but today I am reading the guide, watching the videos and grocery shopping!

One of my biggest fears about doing the Ultimate Reset was not being able to drink Shakeology every morning. Well the good news is that Tropical Shakeology is allowed, the bad news is that it looks like I have to drink it as an afternoon snack. I know it sounds crazy, but I can’t drink my coffee until I have had my Shakeology. But I guess that won’t be a problem for the next 21 days since I can’t have coffee. We buy 3 bags of Shakeology every month, so I didn’t go with the Challenge Pack, I just bought the Ultimate Reset Deluxe Kit on Home Direct. However, if you don’t already buy Shakeology monthly, then I recommend you purchase the Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack so that you have the Vegan Tropical Shakeology on hand for the daily snack that is allowed.

Here is what has impressed me so far about Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset…

– You can login and print out a shopping list for each phase (week) of the program!
– Each day there are 3 short cooking lesson videos that show you exactly how to prepare each meal.
– The guide is very visual, you don’t have to read an entire book to understand what you are suppose to do each day.

purchase shakeology

So off to the store I go…

lowest price on Shakeology


Purchase shakeology

Imagine if You Could Reset Your Body
to It’s Original “Factory” Settings
…by Removing Years of Unhealthy Chemicals and Toxins
Well that is exactly what Beachbody’s
Ultimate Reset does – in just 21 days.


According to The American Cancer Society:
“75-80% of Cancer deaths are linked to environmental factors, such as toxins.”


The problem is, in today’s society there is just no way to avoid them. However, you can REMOVE them from your system and completely “reset” your body as you need to in order to improve your health overall. Including but definitely not limited to: Your metabolism, your energy level, your mood, your cholesterol, etc…

The best part is that it is NOT a harsh cleanse, it is done with natural ingredients that will benefit your body while cleaning it out. Of course that is the main reason people purchase Shakeology and drink it daily, to give their bodies the clean, pure nutrition it desires. However, by making sure you body is functionally properly first, your overall results from Shakeology will be much more rewarding. Not only will the absorption of Shakeology’s super foods be better, but if you do P90X with Shakeology, your weight loss will be rapidly increased.

There are several options available for purchasing Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset, including buying Shakeology with it. You can also save 25% on all Beachbody products if you become a Beachbody coach. Please review the information below, watch the video, and then let me know what questions you have…

Learn More About Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset

Beachbody Ultimate Reset

(Original: No Home Direct Orders)

Beachbody Ultimate Reset with Deluxe HD
(Original, PLUS Home Direct for Alkalinize & Optimize Supplements)

Beachbody Ultimate Reset with Ultimate HD
(Deluxe Kit Home Direct Supplements + Tropical Shakeology on Home Direct starting 30 days later.)

* The above are all the same price because the ame initial products are shipped to you. After that, you will be charged monthly for the Supplements and/or Shakeology on Home Direct, depending on which option you choose.

Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack
(Same as Ultimate, but Tropical Shakeology is shipped immediately so you can use it during your “reset.”)

Learn More and/or Watch a Video on Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset


Purchase ShakeologyOn Valentines Day 2012 you will be able to buy Shakeology in our new Vegan Tropical flavor. Not only is it delicious, but just like when you purchase Chocolate Shakeology at the best price…you get so much more than great taste.

When I Buy Tropical Shakeology, what Taste Can I Expect?

Tropical Shakeology is refreshing and light. It’s a combination of: strawberry, banana, pineapple, papaya, and coconut.

When I Purchase Tropical Shakeology, Can I Be Assured it’s Vegan?

Yep, Tropical Shakeology is a completely plant-based formula with NO animal products. This one-of-a-kind vegan protein contains all 9 essential amino acids, as well as, raw, sprouted, fermented brown rice protein, along with sacha inchi, chia, flax, quinoa, amaranth, and spirulina.

When I Buy Tropical Shakeology, will I Receive Recipes?

Absolutely, but in the meantime, here is the Recipe Calendar you receive with your first Topical Shakeology purchase.

Can I View the Nutrition Facts Before I Purchase Shakeology?

Of course: Tropical Shakeology Label

If I Buy Shakeology in the Tropical Flavor, will I Benefit from Additional Superfoods?

Yes, for the first time ever, Tropical Shakeology will include these NEW superfoods: coconut flower nectar, luo han huo, Himalayan salt, and konjac root.

Is there a Reason I Should Buy Shakeology for My Valentine?

Yes, no matter which flavor of Shakeology you buy at the lowest price…Maca Powder (root) is included! And, Maca Root = Strong Libido. Plus, it helps to increase stamina and energy levels, will calm your nerves, and contributes to overall well being.

Can I Purchase Tropcial Shakeology the Same Way I Purchase Chocolate Shakeology?

Yep, it will come in both a 30 day supply (bag) and 24 individual packets. Plus, by the end of February you will be able to buy Tropical Shakeology at a discount in Beachbody’s Challenge Packs.

Be One of the Very First to Buy Tropical Shakeology
by creating a Free Beachbody Membership



Do You Purchase Shakeology Monthly?

Cheap ShakeologyBelow are two questions I was asked the other day from someone who was trying to decide whether or not to purchase Shakeology….

Do you really purchase Shakeology for you and your family every month?

Yes, we love Shakeology. I have to admit…I still do not “enjoy” exercising, therefore buying Shakeology has been huge for me. My son, husband, and I all drink it every morning; and I honestly think we would have a hard time functioning without it. In fact, at 10pm last night I made the “No Bake Shakeology Cookies” just because I was craving them ; )

How soon after you purchased Shakeology did you notice results?

As far as increased energy from Shakeology, it was immediately – almost like an all natural adrenaline rush that lasted all day. Now after being on it for a couple years, I only notice an effect…if I don’t drink it! For me, it was more about nutrition than weight loss. I did extensive research on pro-biotics, minerals, herbs, etc., and before I decided to buy Shakeology, I had my family on tons of pills (all natural supplements, but still it was overwhelming.) Now, I know that if we drink Shakeology each day, we don’t have to worry about viruses, diseases, disorders, etc. near as much. Shakeology is (by far) the easiest way to get everything my body needs and craves.

If you are worried about the monthly price of Shakeology, think of it this way:
“Drinking Shakeology is like 5 trips to the healthiest salad bar in the world.”

Yep, I’d pay $4 for that!

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