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I am constantly asked, “How can I save money on Beachbody products?” Therefore, today I am going to outline all of the ways you can save money with Beachbody.


First, You Must be a Member of the Beachbody Community…

You Can Join for Free or Recieve a Free 30 Day Trial to the Beachbody Club
(Which includes a Personalized Meal Planner, Message Boards, WOWY SuperGym, A Chance to Win Up to $1000 Everyday, VIP Chats with Our Celebrity Trainers, a Personal Coach and More)


Free Shipping on Shakeology

You can save up to $15 a month on the shipping of Beachbody’s HEALTHY Weight Loss Meal Replacement by Simply Choosing the Shakeology Home Direct Option


Save 10% on ALL Beachbody Products with a Club Membership…

Cost: Free for the First 30 Days & then $2.99 a Week, Billed $38.87 Quarterly in Advance

Example of Savings:

With a Club Membership you can save $12 on Shakeology every month AND receive 10% on all other Beachbody products. Basically this makes your Club Membership FREE (Personalized Meal Planner, Message Boards, WOWY SuperGym, A Chance to Win Up to $1000 Everyday, VIP Chats with Our Celebrity Trainers, a Personal Coach and More) and allows you to save 10% on all of your other Beachbody supplements or fitness programs.


Save 25% on All Beachbody Products with a Coach Membership…

Cost: One time Fee of $39.95 and then $14.95 a Month (Club Membership is Optional)

Example of Savings:

Shakeology costs $119.95, but for coaches its $89.95. That is a $30 discount every month. Just so you have the full picture, let me break down cost for you…

$120 Shakeology
-$ 30 Coach Discount
+$ 15 Monthly Coach Fee
$105 for Shakeology as a Coach

So you save $15 a Month on Shakeolgy (which you could use to get the Club Membership.) Also, you now save 25% on all your Beachbody supplements or fitness programs.

Learn More About the Coach Discount


Turn on the TV and Beachbody’s exercise and fitness videos are showing almost every day.

Tony Horton’s P90X is giving people the ability to get sculpted, super-healthy bodies in 90 days from the comfort of their own home without the use of heavy equipment. Tony Horton and his fitness programs will put your body to the test. You won’t believe the grade you’ll give yourself when you’ve completed the hottest DVD in Beachbody’s portfolio. Because then, you are ready to go One On One with Tony Horton himself.

10-Minute Trainer, Slim in 6, Insanity, Turbo Jam, ChaLEAN Extreme, Kathy Smith’s Project: YOU, Type 2, and many more round out this All Star line of exercise and fitness DVD’s offered by Beachbody.

As a Beachbody Club Member, you can get all of their exercise programs and supplements for 10% off retail. As a Beachbody Coach, you receive a 25% discount! And yes, that includes their brand new high protein meal replacement drink … Shakeology!


Beachbody Fitness Programs on the Today Show

Watch David Keenan on The Today Show’s new “Take It Off Today” series. It is all about folks who were recently featured in People magazine and have lost half their size. David lost a whopping 180 pounds using Beachbody® workout programs! He doesn’t say whether or not he did Tony Horton’s P90X but he does mention how motivating The Beachbody Club community is.

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Once you graduate from P90X, you’re ready to go ‘One on One’ with The Man himself … Tony Horton!

One On One with Tony Horton is the ultimate maintenance program for P90X.

And…Beachbody’s Legendary Penny Promotion is BACK!

From March 2nd through April 5th, we’ll be running the One on One with Tony Horton Penny Promotion again. For just one cent, you can sign up for this ever-expanding series.

Check this Out…

It’s easy to keep up the intensity level of P90X with the One on One with Tony Horton series. Get up close and personal with Tony as he takes you behind the scenes to show you what he does to keep in shape in his home. No sets, no cast, NO MERCY. Everything you loved about P90X is here, with lots of Tony’s trademark humor that’ll keep you laughing even while he’s taking you to the limits of “muscle confusion” for more X-level results. Plus a lot of the workouts are shorter in length, to help you create a custom-tailored schedule to get in the best shape ever. Tony will automatically Bring It to your front door in a new and crazy way every month. You’ll get a convenient collector’s wallet to store your DVDs, plus you’ll get free surprises like cool fitness gear and other killer workouts sent to you throughout your subscription.

Watch the One on One with Tony Horton Trailer… Then, Click Here for More Details

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