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Shakeology: Testimony Guest Post by Krystle Atkins

ShakeologyI first discovered Shakeology about 3yrs ago. My husband sent me a link to an article he found online. We had both been talking about losing weight because we were unhappy with how much weight we had allowed ourselves to gain over the years so, I told him to go build a plan and bring it to me and we would get started.

Shakeology instantly. I liked how it was full of whole food ingredients and was something I could quickly drink. I also liked how it advertised renewed energy, helped with craving control, regulated your digestions and assisted with weight loss.

But then, I saw the price… YIKES that is a lot of money for a shake. I wasn’t sold anymore. It took my husband getting us a free Shakeology sample and a few months of convincing me that it would be worth it before I agreed. I honestly thought it was overpriced.

However, I never took into account just how much I spent in Fast Food or groceries.

I also didn’t take into account how much it would cost me to recreate this shake. It is packed with over 70 Super foods and when they say Super Foods they are not kidding. Looking back I wish I started drinking Shakeology sooner!

Plus, Beachbody offers several different Shakeology discounts!

The first 2 weeks were rough, my tummy was always grumbly and I had to go to the bathroom all the time. But, I noticed that not only was my stomach feeling better it was getting flatter. I lost 5lbs my first week drinking Shakeology. I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t worked out, I had changed my diet much and I still lose weight and I had energy, real energy! I have always suffered with Insomnia since I was a teen and just always felt tired and run down and a little sick.

Waking up and feeling awake was a huge deal for me. I kept drinking Shakeology and started my first Beachbody program about 3 weeks after starting Shakeology. By then I was already down 11lbs and was beginning to feel like a whole new person.

My skin was clearing up, I had acne really bad especially on my neck, my hair was growing faster and thicker than it had in years even my nails where looking better. Overall I just felt incredible.

Fast forward 3 years and I’m still drinking Shakeology every day. This shake is NOT just a protein shake like a lot of people think. It is a daily dose of dense nutrition your body craves. You can’t get the things this shake offers in our modern diets. Even with eating a clean diet 100% of the time, I still think it would be difficult to get all the things this shake offers in.

My Naturopath actually told me to stop taking a daily multi vitamin because I didn’t need it. Shakeology was more than enough.

So, if you are tired of feeling sick and tired all the time and want to feel better than you ever have, I highly recommend Shakeology. Chocolate is my favorite flavor with Vanilla and Strawberry tied for second.

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P90X’s Tony Horton asks, “How Healthy is YOUR Shake?”

P90X Trainer Tony Horton explains why he only buys Shakeology,
and why it is the only Shake he will put in his body.

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Imagine if You Could Reset Your Body
to It’s Original “Factory” Settings
…by Removing Years of Unhealthy Chemicals and Toxins
Well that is exactly what Beachbody’s
Ultimate Reset does – in just 21 days.


According to The American Cancer Society:
“75-80% of Cancer deaths are linked to environmental factors, such as toxins.”


The problem is, in today’s society there is just no way to avoid them. However, you can REMOVE them from your system and completely “reset” your body as you need to in order to improve your health overall. Including but definitely not limited to: Your metabolism, your energy level, your mood, your cholesterol, etc…

The best part is that it is NOT a harsh cleanse, it is done with natural ingredients that will benefit your body while cleaning it out. Of course that is the main reason people purchase Shakeology and drink it daily, to give their bodies the clean, pure nutrition it desires. However, by making sure you body is functionally properly first, your overall results from Shakeology will be much more rewarding. Not only will the absorption of Shakeology’s super foods be better, but if you do P90X with Shakeology, your weight loss will be rapidly increased.

There are several options available for purchasing Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset, including buying Shakeology with it. You can also save 25% on all Beachbody products if you become a Beachbody coach. Please review the information below, watch the video, and then let me know what questions you have…

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Beachbody Ultimate Reset

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* The above are all the same price because the ame initial products are shipped to you. After that, you will be charged monthly for the Supplements and/or Shakeology on Home Direct, depending on which option you choose.

Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack
(Same as Ultimate, but Tropical Shakeology is shipped immediately so you can use it during your “reset.”)

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drinking shakeology with p90xWe are back from The Bahama’s and we had another amazing trip with Beachbody. If you have a free or Club Beachbody Membership, and Jeff or I are your Coach, be sure to check out the pictures and videos we put in our private Facebook Group : ) No, that isn’t Shakeology our kids are drinking on the beach, it was a Miami Vice (virgin of course!) However, we did take a bag of Shakeology with us and drank it every morning – TSA even questioned us about it at customs!

We Want to Double Check the Status of Your Free Shakeology Sample…

If you followed the steps on our “Try Shakeology” page (by completing the form to request the password) and then sent us your mailing address, but have not yet received your sample packet of Shakeology, or a confirmation email from us that it has been mailed…please let us know right away. I think we responded accordingly to all of the requests, but I want to double check since we have been gone for a week.

We were happy to see that while we were gone, many of you decided to take advantage of the free shipping offer and are trying Shakeology for 30 days. If you have any questions about that, or need guidance on anything else, please let us know. Several of you even decided to save money on Shakeology through the Beachbody Coach discount – I think that is awesome, and I know you will be so glad you chose that option.

Check Out How Bob Used P90X with Shakeology to Achieve His Results:

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