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 “Instant” Shakeology Discounts:

Save $10-15/Month by Receiving $2 Shipping Every Month
The easiest way to save money on Shakeology is to purchase it on Home Direct. You can cancel at ANY TIME (by making a 5 minute call to 1-800-470-7870) but in the meantime, you will receive $2 shipping and 2 FREE Shaker Cups.  This one simple tip will save you up to $15 on your Shakeology order every month! So no matter if you pay full price, or choose one of the monthly discounts below…ALWAYS purchase Shakeology on “Home Direct” following these instructions to instantly save $10-15.

Save Up to $45 by
Purchasing Shakeology with a Fitness Program
Beachbody Challenge Packs combine everything you need to meet your health goals. First, choose from P90X, 10-Minute Trainer, Insanity, TurboFire, Slim in 6, and many of Beachbody’s other top fitness programs. Next, choose your Shakeology flavor(s) and serving option. Your choices are then combined with the Beachbody Club, FREE Shipping and a big discount! Since the Beachbody Club is included in every Challenge Pack, you will automatically save 10% on your Shakeology purchase every month. However…you can save 25% on your monthly Shakeology order by simply purchasing your Challenge Pack WHILE enrolling for the Coach Membership.

 “Monthly” Shakeology Discounts:

Receive a 10% Shakeology Discount as a Club Member
Cost: Free for the First 30 Days, then $38.87 Every 3 Months ($2.99/Week)

Example of Savings: With a Club Membership you save $12 on every Shakeology purchase. And, you receive a 10% discount on all other Beachbody products as well. So, if you purchase Shakeology monthly, you will save enough money to cover the cost of your Club Membership. In other words, you get all of the Beachbody Club Benefits for FREE (10 % Discount on ALL Purchases, Personalized Meal Planner, VIP Chats with Our Celebrity Trainers, etc.) The Club Membership is included in every Challenge Pack, but you can of course cancel it at anytime (even within the first 30 days which are free.)

Save $32/Month + Free Shipping (32+12=$44)
on Shakeology with a Beachbody Coach Membership
If you plan on buying Shakeology monthly, there is no reason NOT to become a Coach. It allows you to buy Shakeology cheaper every month, but you are NOT required to sell anything…ever! Saving money on Shakeology or other Beachbody products is a perfectly legitimate reason to upgrade to the Coach membership. In fact, that is one of the reasons they created the Coach Membership in the first place – to offer a discount to their loyal customers. The second reason is because the majority of Beachbody’s new sales come from personal referrals, and therefore they want to compensate those satisfied customers for telling their friends and family members about Beachbody products. So…if you do decide to sell Shakeology to a friend or family member you can also make money as a Beachbody Coach.

Cost: One time Fee of $39.95* and then $15.95 a Month

*Purchase Shakeology through a Beachbody Challenge Pack to become a Beachbody Coach, and the $39.95 fee is WAIVED

Example of Savings: Shakeology costs $129.95, but for coaches its $97.46. That’s a $32.50 discount every month and is the cheapest way to buy Shakeology…

$130.00 (Shakeology Retail Price)
– $32.50 (25% Coach Discount)
+ $16.00 (Monthly Coach Fee)
$113.50 for Shakeology with a Coach Membership

So, with a Beachbody Coach Membership, you save $16.50 a Month on Shakeology; and if you purchase it on Home Direct (auto-ship) then you also receive free shipping. Then, if you choose to purchase any of Beachbody’s other products, you will save 25% on ALL of them as well.

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