The other day I asked my 10 year old son if he would please try 1% milk in order to lower his fat and calorie intake. He tried it and loved it. I was so relieved and wondered why I had waited so long to make the change. (However, my daughter, who is six, is not ready to make the switch yet – she says it taste funny.)

Then, the very next day, Beachbody posted the video below about the difference between the many different types of milks. It was very informative and also explained how the nutritional value of their meal replacement shake, Shakeology, changes depending on what you mix the powder with.


So as you can see, Shakeology is a weight loss meal replacement powder and what you mix it with makes a big difference. I personally mix mine with water to make it the lowest calorie diet shake I can.

But as for my kids, they hate calcium supplements so I know that milk is an important part of their diet. I think this video is full of invaluable information that all people need to watch but especially those of us with kids. I honestly never thought I would find a meal replacement shake that is full of the vitamins and minerals we need to consume everyday AND that kids and children of all ages would not only drink but crave.

I have heard that once your body becomes accustom to receiving nutritious ingredients, whether through a meal replacement shake or the hard way, it will literally make you crave it everyday. However, I have never experienced it until drinking Shakeology for only a few days in row.


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