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Finally…A Healthy Meal Replacement Shake CLEANSE


Beachbody's Meal Replacement: Shakeology

If you are looking to jump start your weight loss before or during any workout program, I highly suggest you try this. It seems to be all the rage in the Beachbody community


Shakeology is a healthy, high protein, meal replacement shake designed to be enjoyed every day. However…as a weight loss cleanse, you will drink one shake three times a day for three days.

The Shakeology Cleanse was created to give you a jump start in a new workout program, crest a plateau or just shred pounds fast & effectively in a healthy way. The key is caloric efficiency; getting as many nutrients as you can by eating the least amount of calories. It eliminates way too many fats to be used frequently, but it is a perfect plan to follow for a three day period.

Participants are seeing fantastic results ~ Lose weight, feel great!

The Meal Replacement Shake CLEANSE Guidelines:

3 Shakeology Protein Shakes each day (blended with water and ice)
2 Cups of Green Tea a Day (Triple Leaf Detox Tea is good choice)
1 piece of fruit a day (Apple, pear, orange, banana, mango, etc)
1 salad for dinner (lettuce, veggies, lean protein)
– 4 oz lean protein in salad (WHITE poultry or fish)
– Only Low Fat Dressings.

NO Dairy (no almond, soy, or rice milk) or sugars. If it’s not on the list, don’t eat it!

Sample Menu (Repeat all three days):

1 cup of green tea

Shakeology – 1 scoop, blended with ice & 8-10 oz of water
Optional: ½ cup of fruit (only for the super conditioned – not the weight challenged)

1 piece of fruit

Shakeology – 1 scoop, blended with ice & 8-10 oz of water

1 cup of green tea

Shakeology – 1 scoop, blended with ice & 8-10 oz of water
(This snack can be before or after dinner)

– Lettuce/veggies
– 4 oz lean protein (WHITE fish or poultry)
– Light Dressing

Give it a try and let me know your results!


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Personal Update from Me…

Good morning everyone,

I am sorry for the delay in new Beachbody information, but, I have been terribly sick the last 3 days. I learned the hard way that Shakeology is also a great meal replacement for when you are sick and can’t stomach anything else!

I don’t have any new Tony Horton, P90X or workout info ready to share with you yet, so instead…I want to share two things that really touched my heart:

Is my friend Amber as a guest on an internet radio show that discusses, “Natual Health As it Lines Up with Biblical Principles,” sharing her story about completing the Vacination Exempt Form at her daughter’s school. Amber’s short story begins around the 3:00 minute mark.

As most of you know, I joined this Daily Success Email Devotional a few months ago and it has changed my life by opening my eyes to God’s laws for our successful living. It was designed for Fathers but do NOT let that deter you…I enjoy and get much more out of it than my husband.

Here is part of one of the daily emails that created an “Ah-ha” moment for me…

…we must first seek the face of the Giver before seeking His gifts. There is a built-in reward for all who do this. A 16-year-old King of Israel discovered that “as long as he sought the LORD, God made him to prosper” (II Chronicles 26:5). Notice that God does not say that He will bless our labor for Him, but He will bless our seeking of Him. In fact, He reproved the church at Ephesus for losing their first love for Him, even though they were busy doing good works. (See Revelation 2:15.)

God wants us to seek His face rather than His hand.

One of the practical reasons for seeking the Lord is so that He will give us the right desires. Then we will want the right things. “Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart” (Psalm 37:4).

The most important reason, however, is that God created us to have fellowship with Him. All of the circumstances in life are designed to promote and strengthen this fellowship. David understood this when he wrote, “One thing have I desired of the LORD, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the LORD, and to inquire in his temple” (Psalm 27:4). Then David gives a powerful personal testimony in Psalm 105:4 and Psalm 34:10:

“Seek the LORD, and his strength: seek his face evermore.” “They that seek the LORD shall not want any good thing.”

This made me realize that I often get so wrapped up in doing good works or even just working hard for the things that I desire, that I lose I sight of Jesus. When I step back and spend time studying his word, seeking him in prayer and casting my cares upon him…not only is my work load lighter but I reap greater rewards.


This is one of the most inspiring
Shakeology (and Turbo Fire) success stories…

Watch Kate’s Shakeology Success Story

Change your life with Shakeology
the best meal replacement shake available!

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