Wow, you have to see this presentation on how Shakeology’s ingredients, nutritional value and costs compare to Starbucks, V8 and several of the best meal replacement shakes on the market…

Click Here to View the Comparison Presentation

Some days I drink my shake in place of my breakfast; it taste much better than coffee on the mornings I walk or bike. Other days (when I just NEED to have my coffee) I either replace lunch with it or wait until I have my mid afternoon snack craving. I love drinking it in the afternoons because not only does it stop me from eating unhealthy snacks, but, it helps me eat MUCH less for dinner.

It is amazing how one meal replacement shake can benefit me in so many ways…

– It gives me my complete nutrition for the day.
– It helps me lower my calorie intake each day.
– It gives me extra energy (with no crash.)
– It saves me money.

Plus, When You Buy Shakeology On Home Direct, Your Shipping is Free and You Receive a FREE Shaker Cup & 2 Workout DVDs

Even P90X’s Tony Horton recommends Shakeology (not as a meal replacement shake, but…) as a “post workout fuel” for after exercising to one of his many workout DVDs…


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