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Everyday (weather permitting) I either walk or ride bikes with my kids to school. Then, once I get them dropped off – I continue walking or riding for another 30 minutes.

I do this for two reasons:

1) To Exercise

Plus, I can count it as a WOWY workout which enters me in the DAILY drawing to win $300-$1000.

2) To Pray and Do My “Why” Daydreaming

Sometimes I stop and look up and wonder “how did I get here?” I am so lost in experiencing every little detail of the family vacations we will soon be taking or imagining that I am walking through my dream home, that I don’t even realize how far I have walked.

Well today, something interesting happened…

I had three cars pass me and all three were mother that I knew (I live in a very small town.) Each one of them were driving much faster than they should have been and they all looked at me in either an embarrassed or puzzled way. I knew what they were thinking: Why is she smiling and riding her bike and I am driving like a mad woman so I am not late to work.

It made me remember the days when I worked at the Bank and how hectic our mornings and nights were Monday through Friday. It made me appreciate that I had taken the initiative to start a home business; and, want to rush out and share Team Beachbody (and the wonderful lifestyle it can give you) with as many people as I can. (Soon to be open in Canada.)

Not only are my mornings now more carefree than most, but I live in a beautiful brick home, drive a nice vehicle, and travel more than more most people I know.

For me, it is an honor to introduce others to the fitness business that affords me this lifestyle.

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If you are interested in making money by simply helping people workout at home or lose weight with a healthy meal replacement shake, listen to this 5 minute audio I just recorded for my home business team…

It’s incredibly easy to change your life and the lives of others with this top rated home based business opportunity. After only 2 months of doing the Game Plan, I am now making $600 EVERY week – that is more than 2,500 dollars (and growing monthly!)

Below are the Videos (that Have Been Put on DVD) for Us to Use:
(They are the ones I talk about on my audio above.)

Decide – An amazing explanation of this health and fitness home business.

The Solution – An overview (full of testimonials) on our full line of workout DVDs.

The Breakthrough – How our healthiest meal replacement can jump start and help maintain weight loss.

So Who is Joining this Home Based Business…

– Home Business Experts and Industry Millionaires
– Personal Trainers
– Celebrities and Major Athletes

But…the Majority of the People Who are Joining are…

– Mom and Dads
– College Students
– People with Little or No Fitness Expertise

Why? Because they watched the “Decide” video above!

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Beachbody’s Game Plan for FINANCIAL Freedom

As you know, Beachbody gives you a “Step by Step” plan and all the tools you need to lose weight or get physically fit. But, did you know that….Beachbody also has a “Step by Step” plan to help you get FINANCIALLY Fit. It’s called the Team Beachbody Game Plan and I am proof that it works! I am a stay at home mom that earns more income than most people who work a JOB 8 hours a day.

Watch How Simple it Can Be to Work from Home with Beachbody:

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to Learn More About Beachbody’s Home Business
(And to see videos they have filmed on me and how I help people succeed.)

I am a “Top Coach” with Beachbody which simply means…that those who join me in Beachbody are succeeding. Why? Because I am dedicated to helping others create TRUE financial freedom.

Please, feel free to contact me:

Holly Blochowitz



This is one of the most inspiring
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