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Every other Tuesday, Beachbody® hosts a brief, inspirational Webinar designed to introduce people to Beachbody’s Health and Fitness home based business opportunity.

We call it the Team Beachbody Business Opportunity Webinar. It’s a remarkable 3rd Party Tool that will also help you build your team without the pressure of presenting the information yourself. Learn directly from our corporate experts and various Coaches, who all share knowledge, stories, and passion about their Team Beachbody business.

In fact, make plans NOW to join us for the next Webinar on Tuesday, March 9th.

Learning exactly how the Beachbody home based business opportunity works doesn’t get any easier than this!

Tuesday, March 9th, at 8:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM PT

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To join this Webinar’s conference call:
Dial 1 (312) 878-0218, access code 560-531-505, and enter PIN.*

Audio Options: You may now choose to hear the audio portion of any LIVE Webinar through your phone or computer’s speakers. Simply select the audio option you want on the Webinar dashboard after you log in.

*PIN is shown after logging in to Webinar.

See You There!


People Across the Country are Making Money from Home with Beachbody,
the Nationally Known Fitness Company that Spends 90 Million Dollars to Brand
and Sell their Household Name Products to Up to 30,000 New Customers Every Week…


They will Give these New Customers to You
(On a Daily Basis) to Earn a Residual Income From

Imagine Receiving an Average of 4-8 New Paying Customers Every Week
from Print, Radio and Televison Advertising…that is Paid for by the Company!

I am a Top Coach in Team Beachbody and my team
is led  by the top income earners in the company.

In Fact…

The majority of the people you see featured on the corporate website and in the corporate videos, are the leaders of our team. And because of the additional training and systems we provide to our members, our team is growing at an astonishing rate.

Join Us and let us personally help YOU build an income from home…

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Team Beachbody Ranked #6 Home Based Business!


Matt Morris, the renowned “Unemployed Millionaire,” recently published an article titled “80 Top Network Marketing Companies: February 2010”. Using the official rankings, he ranked Team Beachbody #6 on his list. In other words, we’re making some big noise ’round the world.  Click Here to See the Article 

Here are a Few Reasons I Believe We are Headed to the #1 Spot
(Okay, maybe the #2 spot since Avon has been #1 FOREVER.)

1)  Solid Company
Beachbody has been around for 11 years!  But…they just recently launched the home business division.

2)  Household Name Products
I guarantee many of your family and friends will buy Beachbody products this year.

3)  Our Leadership
Just watch the video of Carl Daikler on the right hand side of this website…enough said!

4)  Our Training Platform
Anyone can earn a great income from home because Beachbody teaches you how!


I am proud to be a Team Beachbody Leader and I would love to help you…work from home.

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