Buy Beachbody Ultimate Reset And so it begins…my journey with Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset. I am not actually starting the regiment until tomorrow, but today I am reading the guide, watching the videos and grocery shopping!

One of my biggest fears about doing the Ultimate Reset was not being able to drink Shakeology every morning. Well the good news is that Tropical Shakeology is allowed, the bad news is that it looks like I have to drink it as an afternoon snack. I know it sounds crazy, but I can’t drink my coffee until I have had my Shakeology. But I guess that won’t be a problem for the next 21 days since I can’t have coffee. We buy 3 bags of Shakeology every month, so I didn’t go with the Challenge Pack, I just bought the Ultimate Reset Deluxe Kit on Home Direct. However, if you don’t already buy Shakeology monthly, then I recommend you purchase the Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack so that you have the Vegan Tropical Shakeology on hand for the daily snack that is allowed.

Here is what has impressed me so far about Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset…

– You can login and print out a shopping list for each phase (week) of the program!
– Each day there are 3 short cooking lesson videos that show you exactly how to prepare each meal.
– The guide is very visual, you don’t have to read an entire book to understand what you are suppose to do each day.

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So off to the store I go…

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