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The other day I asked my 10 year old son if he would please try 1% milk in order to lower his fat and calorie intake. He tried it and loved it. I was so relieved and wondered why I had waited so long to make the change. (However, my daughter, who is six, is not ready to make the switch yet – she says it taste funny.)

Then, the very next day, Beachbody posted the video below about the difference between the many different types of milks. It was very informative and also explained how the nutritional value of their meal replacement shake, Shakeology, changes depending on what you mix the powder with.


So as you can see, Shakeology is a weight loss meal replacement powder and what you mix it with makes a big difference. I personally mix mine with water to make it the lowest calorie diet shake I can.

But as for my kids, they hate calcium supplements so I know that milk is an important part of their diet. I think this video is full of invaluable information that all people need to watch but especially those of us with kids. I honestly never thought I would find a meal replacement shake that is full of the vitamins and minerals we need to consume everyday AND that kids and children of all ages would not only drink but crave.

I have heard that once your body becomes accustom to receiving nutritious ingredients, whether through a meal replacement shake or the hard way, it will literally make you crave it everyday. However, I have never experienced it until drinking Shakeology for only a few days in row.


Wow, now P90X won the year’s best infomercial. However, the infomercial is just one reason so many people buy P90X, the main reason is because it works – people get real results!

The Electronic Retailing Association (ERA) has announced the winners for the 2010 ERA Moxie Awards. The winners were honored at the 2010 ERA Moxie Awards Gala on September 23, 2010 at the Wynn Las Vegas.

“These awards celebrate some of our industry’s most outstanding talents and showcase some of their finest work,” says ERA president and CEO Julie Coons. “In recognizing these achievements, the 2010 ERA Moxie Awards Gala spotlights this thriving and innovative industry and lends insight to those who wish to succeed in the direct response marketplace.”

The ERA Moxie Awards, formerly known as the ERA Annual Awards, honor the year’s best direct response (DR) campaigns and this year’s finalists certainly represent the top in television, radio, online and mobile DR.

This year’s winners are:

Best Long Form of the Year (2010) Over $250K:

o Product Partners, LLC – Direct Marketer
o Ned Farr – Producer

The ultimate advertising, that shows a product’s worth, is word of mouth. If people use a product and then tell others how wonderful it is, that is the true measure of it’s value. P90X has taken word of mouth marketing to whole a new level. When people ask questions like:

“Does P90X really work?”
“Who can do P90X?”
“How much room do I need to do P90X”

They probably only have to look within their family or work place to find someone who has completed P90X with amazing results. In fact, they will probably even tell them about other Beachbody products, such as, their new healthy meal replacement, Shakeology.

It is a great feeling to represent a company that is continually honored for excellence.


Yesterday I received great questions from a friend about the 2 Free Workout DVDs that I am offering when you buy P90X from me, as well as, about Beachbody’s healthy meal replacement shake. So today, I want to share the answers I gave her with all of you…

Q: The P90X offer I saw on TV included the workout DVD’s, Nutritional Plan, Fitness Guide and Trainer Plan. In your offer, I show that if I purchase through you, I would get 2 Free DVD’s, Fountain of Youth and Mammoth UML. Is this in addition to the P90X Television offer? And if yes, still the same price of 3 payments of $39.95? Is there a way to pay for all of this at once?

A: Yes, the 2 free workout DVDs are in addition to everything you see on the TV offer. The bonuses are just one way that Beachbody helps us build our fitness home business – by allowing us to give our friends and family special promotions that they can’t get anywhere else. Actually, through my website you cannot make 3 payments, you must pay for it in full. But yes, it is still the same total price: $119.85.

Q: For two people introducing heavy exercise back to their lives, is this program wise?

A: I do think that P90X is a wise choice, as long as, the participant is not severely overweight. After spending a week in Mexico with Tony Horton, my husband Jeff and I decided to start with Power 90, but I now think that P90X may have been a better choice to get quicker and more noticeable results. As Tony says, “Do your best and forget the rest.”

Q: I am also interested in your thoughts on Shakeology as a meal replacement and the fiber supplement, especially the fiber supplement. Have you tried it? Do you recommend Shakeology in the beginning or wait until I am more on track. I would love to use that as breakfast as that is the one meal I never seem to have time for.

A: Jeff and I both love Shakeology, he uses it for breakfast and I use it in place of my afternoon cravings. We have tried several meal replacement shakes and this is by far our favorite, plus, it is the healthiest one I have ever seen. Most Beachbody trainers recommend you start on Shakeology right away to see the best results with their workouts; and, if you need (or want) to jump start your weight loss you can even do the 3 Day Shakeology Cleanse. If you do, it is probably best to do the cleanse BEFORE starting P90X since it includes limiting your diet….because once you start P90X, you may actually need to eat extra calories. We have not personally used the Fiber supplement but you can learn more about it at:

Q: One last question, if I go forward.. do you have a link to where I can place the order with you? I want to make sure that you get the credit for it.

A: Here is a direct link to order from me, but you can also use any of the links on this blog:

As long as you don’t already have an account with Beachbody, the sale will be credited to me. I truly appreciate you allowing me to be your representative!

If I can help you in any other way, please let me know.


Wow, you have to see this presentation on how Shakeology’s ingredients, nutritional value and costs compare to Starbucks, V8 and several of the best meal replacement shakes on the market…

Click Here to View the Comparison Presentation

Some days I drink my shake in place of my breakfast; it taste much better than coffee on the mornings I walk or bike. Other days (when I just NEED to have my coffee) I either replace lunch with it or wait until I have my mid afternoon snack craving. I love drinking it in the afternoons because not only does it stop me from eating unhealthy snacks, but, it helps me eat MUCH less for dinner.

It is amazing how one meal replacement shake can benefit me in so many ways…

– It gives me my complete nutrition for the day.
– It helps me lower my calorie intake each day.
– It gives me extra energy (with no crash.)
– It saves me money.

Plus, When You Buy Shakeology On Home Direct, Your Shipping is Free and You Receive a FREE Shaker Cup & 2 Workout DVDs

Even P90X’s Tony Horton recommends Shakeology (not as a meal replacement shake, but…) as a “post workout fuel” for after exercising to one of his many workout DVDs…

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