Shakeology Coupon Codes

Turn on the TV and Beachbody’s exercise and fitness videos are showing almost every day.

Tony Horton’s P90X is giving people the ability to get sculpted, super-healthy bodies in 90 days from the comfort of their own home without the use of heavy equipment. Tony Horton and his fitness programs will put your body to the test. You won’t believe the grade you’ll give yourself when you’ve completed the hottest DVD in Beachbody’s portfolio. Because then, you are ready to go One On One with Tony Horton himself.

10-Minute Trainer, Slim in 6, Insanity, Turbo Jam, ChaLEAN Extreme, Kathy Smith’s Project: YOU, Type 2, and many more round out this All Star line of exercise and fitness DVD’s offered by Beachbody.

As a Beachbody Club Member, you can get all of their exercise programs and supplements for 10% off retail. As a Beachbody Coach, you receive a 25% discount! And yes, that includes their brand new high protein meal replacement drink … Shakeology!


Since the very beginning, Slim in 6 has reigned as a leader in sales, infomercial time, and results. It’s no secret the program works and that it provides unflappable success when it comes to getting slim in six weeks…not six months!

Soon, Debbie Siebers will be unveiling her latest project—a remastered version of Slim in 6 for the next generation of Beachbody customers. Debbie listened to your suggestions and crafted the perfect upgrade. This now Coach-exclusive version of Slim in 6 will soon be available to all Beachbody Members at a 25% discount when purchased with Shakeology®.

To be notified when Debbie Siebers new Slim in 6 version is available, sign up for a Free Beachbody account and then watch for an email directly from Beachbody.