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Why is it so Expensive to Purchase Shakeology?

Watch this Example First. . .
If you think of Shakeology as just a “Meal Replacement”, then it can seem pretty expensive to order. However Shakeology is NOT just a meal replacement shake…Beachbody already has one of those : ) A meal replacement shake is usually just that, something that provides enough protein and calories to allow you to skip a meal. Now of course Shakeology does that as well, but Shakeology also provides 70 of healthiest, high quality superfoods that allow the human body to operate at an optimal level of performance. And in addition to giving our body the foods that were created specifically for each and every one of it’s functions, Shakeology limits the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, and thousands of other diseases and conditions.

People Who Want Superior Nutrition,
Purchase Shakeology
People Who Want a Quick Filler, Purchase Beachbody’s Meal Replacement Shake

Look at the 3 pictures below (especially the receipts) to understand why those who choose to purchase Shakeology feel blessed to be getting it for such a minimal cost…

Shakeology vs. “Basic” Meal Replacement Shakes

buy Shakeology Lowest Price

Why Shakeology is Really an Incredible Value:

Shakeology Ingredients Purchased Separately…

Price of Shakeology

Options for Buying Shakeology

Sell Shakeology, Become a Beachbody Coach


Purchase shakeology

Imagine if You Could Reset Your Body
to It’s Original “Factory” Settings
…by Removing Years of Unhealthy Chemicals and Toxins
Well that is exactly what Beachbody’s
Ultimate Reset does – in just 21 days.


According to The American Cancer Society:
“75-80% of Cancer deaths are linked to environmental factors, such as toxins.”


The problem is, in today’s society there is just no way to avoid them. However, you can REMOVE them from your system and completely “reset” your body as you need to in order to improve your health overall. Including but definitely not limited to: Your metabolism, your energy level, your mood, your cholesterol, etc…

The best part is that it is NOT a harsh cleanse, it is done with natural ingredients that will benefit your body while cleaning it out. Of course that is the main reason people purchase Shakeology and drink it daily, to give their bodies the clean, pure nutrition it desires. However, by making sure you body is functionally properly first, your overall results from Shakeology will be much more rewarding. Not only will the absorption of Shakeology’s super foods be better, but if you do P90X with Shakeology, your weight loss will be rapidly increased.

There are several options available for purchasing Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset, including buying Shakeology with it. You can also save 25% on all Beachbody products if you become a Beachbody coach. Please review the information below, watch the video, and then let me know what questions you have…

Learn More About Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset

Beachbody Ultimate Reset

(Original: No Home Direct Orders)

Beachbody Ultimate Reset with Deluxe HD
(Original, PLUS Home Direct for Alkalinize & Optimize Supplements)

Beachbody Ultimate Reset with Ultimate HD
(Deluxe Kit Home Direct Supplements + Tropical Shakeology on Home Direct starting 30 days later.)

* The above are all the same price because the ame initial products are shipped to you. After that, you will be charged monthly for the Supplements and/or Shakeology on Home Direct, depending on which option you choose.

Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack
(Same as Ultimate, but Tropical Shakeology is shipped immediately so you can use it during your “reset.”)

Learn More and/or Watch a Video on Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset


drinking shakeology with p90xWe are back from The Bahama’s and we had another amazing trip with Beachbody. If you have a free or Club Beachbody Membership, and Jeff or I are your Coach, be sure to check out the pictures and videos we put in our private Facebook Group : ) No, that isn’t Shakeology our kids are drinking on the beach, it was a Miami Vice (virgin of course!) However, we did take a bag of Shakeology with us and drank it every morning – TSA even questioned us about it at customs!

We Want to Double Check the Status of Your Free Shakeology Sample…

If you followed the steps on our “Try Shakeology” page (by completing the form to request the password) and then sent us your mailing address, but have not yet received your sample packet of Shakeology, or a confirmation email from us that it has been mailed…please let us know right away. I think we responded accordingly to all of the requests, but I want to double check since we have been gone for a week.

We were happy to see that while we were gone, many of you decided to take advantage of the free shipping offer and are trying Shakeology for 30 days. If you have any questions about that, or need guidance on anything else, please let us know. Several of you even decided to save money on Shakeology through the Beachbody Coach discount – I think that is awesome, and I know you will be so glad you chose that option.

Check Out How Bob Used P90X with Shakeology to Achieve His Results:

lowest price on Shakeology


buy p90x shakeology

Yes…of course Tony Horton buys Shakeology. Check out his video below to see why…

But first, I want to cover the one questions I am constantly asked about purchasing Shakeology: “Can I try Shakeology, before I buy Shakeology?” And the answer is, “Yes, I will be more than happy to mail you a Shakeology sample to try.”


Beachbody will let you try an entire bag of Shakeology risk free for 30 days. (Actually it might cost you a dollar to ship the empty bag back, but even the $10 or more it will cost the company to ship “the full bag” to you…is free!)

Here are the reason I personally think it makes more sense to take advantage of Beachbody’s “No Questions Asked, Bottom of the Bag, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (with FREE Shipping)” offer:

– Reason 1: When you order Shakeology on Home Direct, shipping is FREE which not only instantly saves you $10-12, but it ensures that you REALLY have nothing to lose. (Especially since you can easily cancel the auto-ships at anytime by calling 1-800-470-7870.) ALWAYS BUY SHAKEOLOGY ON HOME DIRECT…the $10-$15 savings every month is well worth a 5 minute phone call. Plus, there are several other discounts that allow you to buy Shakeology at the best price.

– Reason 2: Some people think they will prefer Chocolate Shakeology, but end up loving Tropical Shakeology, and vice-versa. So, if you order the individual serving packets of Shakeology on home direct, you can try two different flavors risk free for 30 days.

– Reason 3: Everyone I know, likes to prepare their Shakeology differently. But if you only have one sample…you can only try Shakeology one way. But, if you have an entire bag or 24 packets, you will be able to try it MANY different ways. I’m not just talking about “recipes” either…if you are like me, and prefer things “quick and easy”, you may just want to use the Free Shakeology Shaker Cup instead of a blender. But even then, I recommend you try “shaking” it with several different “mixes”, such as: cold water, soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, juices, etc. until you find the “taste” that you like best. (And, you HAVE to try the “No-bake Shakeology Cookies” they are like a candy bar – seriously good, but seriously healthy!)

– Reason 4: Even if for some reason you don’t absolutely love the taste of Shakeology, once you experience how great you feel and look (as well as, the pure natural energy Shakeology gives you every day) you will drink it forever! Even if it is just in order to give your body 70 of the most amazing super foods in the world. As a mom, I can’t tell you how it makes me feel to watch my kids drink Shakeology : )

Why P90X’s Tony Horton Loves Shakeology:

If you have any questions,
about trying Shakeology or buying Shakeology
…please let me know!


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