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Do You Purchase Shakeology Monthly?

Cheap ShakeologyBelow are two questions I was asked the other day from someone who was trying to decide whether or not to purchase Shakeology….

Do you really purchase Shakeology for you and your family every month?

Yes, we love Shakeology. I have to admit…I still do not “enjoy” exercising, therefore buying Shakeology has been huge for me. My son, husband, and I all drink it every morning; and I honestly think we would have a hard time functioning without it. In fact, at 10pm last night I made the “No Bake Shakeology Cookies” just because I was craving them ; )

How soon after you purchased Shakeology did you notice results?

As far as increased energy from Shakeology, it was immediately – almost like an all natural adrenaline rush that lasted all day. Now after being on it for a couple years, I only notice an effect…if I don’t drink it! For me, it was more about nutrition than weight loss. I did extensive research on pro-biotics, minerals, herbs, etc., and before I decided to buy Shakeology, I had my family on tons of pills (all natural supplements, but still it was overwhelming.) Now, I know that if we drink Shakeology each day, we don’t have to worry about viruses, diseases, disorders, etc. near as much. Shakeology is (by far) the easiest way to get everything my body needs and craves.

If you are worried about the monthly price of Shakeology, think of it this way:
“Drinking Shakeology is like 5 trips to the healthiest salad bar in the world.”

Yep, I’d pay $4 for that!


Want to Sell Shakeology?

I want to sell shakeologySelling Shakeology is one of the main reasons people decided to become a Beachbody Coach. Not only do you then receive a 25% discount on your own purchases of Shakeology, but you can earn 25% when you sell Shakeology to others. A win-win!

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Not only does becoming a Beachbody Coach allow you to start a Beachbody business by selling Beachbody’s household name workout programs, such as P90X and Insanity, but you will also become a Shakeology distributor!

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