Tips for trying and buying shakeology
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Jump Start Your Weight Loss & Clean Out Your Body:

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3 Ways to Drink & EAT Shakeology:

Shakeology Quick & Easy:
Get your super foods & get on with your day!

– Shake it VERY well with COLD water (Start with 8oz & then add water until you like the consistency.)
– Try Shakeology with coconut or almond milk, most people love it this way and it is still very simple.

Shakeology Blended:

– Some people prefer to blend Shakeology with ice
– You can of course add whatever you want: fruit, essential oils, etc.
– View Shakeology Recipes

How to buy shakeology at the lowest priceOnce you decide Shakeology is something you must give your body every day, I highly recommend you buy a Magic Bullet type device. It makes blending SO much easier since the blender is the cup! Just rinse the blade, throw the cup in the dishwasher, and use a new one the next day. But the BEST part is the taste. It mixes the shake in 15-30 seconds so thoroughly that there is NO after taste and the texture is perfect. Plus, now that the Nutra-Bullet has been released, you can find great deals on the Magic Bullet; and it blends Shakeology more than efficiently (unless you are going to be adding chia seeds, etc. and want them disintegrated : )

EAT Shakeology!?!?:

This is the way my kids prefer to “eat” Shakeology

As always, please let me know if you
have any questions about trying or buying Shakeology!


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