Purchase ShakeologyWhen people first purchase Shakeology, they are usually shocked that they notice a difference in how they feel, almost right away. With most other meal replacement (or even nutritional) shakes, you have to drink them for weeks before you see or feel a change in your body. Most people describe the feeling they get after drinking their first Shakeology as, “a natural high” or “full of pure energy.” It’s not like caffeine, where if you haven’t had any for a while, your head starts racing, as fast as, your hands are shaking : ) It’s actually an amazing feeling, because your mind is clear and you just feel…well, really good.

The reason this happens, is because your body is not accustom to being given “super food” nutrition…or at least not this much of it all at once. However, since the superfoods and ingredients in Shakeology were actually designed and created especially for human bodies, your’s will respond and regulate accordingly. So while the “wonderful way you feel” will never go away, you will get use to it. After that, the only time you’ll feel “different”… will be when you don’t drink Shakeology : )

The first time I saw the list of just some of the superfoods in Shakeology (and what they have been shown to do) was when I decided that I was going to purchase Shakeology monthly and put it in my body every day…no matter what!

Once you order Shakeology…let me know how you “feel” when you drink it!


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